Great Natural Beef

Grown on the very best wild and natural Cape grasses

Rare and Delicious

Natur Grass Fed Cape Beef

Healthy, natural, beef grazed on the wild and natural grasses and fynbos of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Reared on Natural Veld

With extra marbling Flavour

No pastures, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, no dip. Raised and grazed on our rare patch of rich clay soils.

Healthy Cape Natural Beef

For a long and healthy life

Full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils, and complex fine beef flavours. Rare and delicious Wagyu/Angus Beef.

Here's a taste

The flavours of Natur Beef include just a hint of smoky African veld, a slight nose of spice, and the weight and depth of the wild grasses on the nose on the meat. In the mouth these initial and upfront flavours are confirmed and there is the buttery roundness coming through from the Wagyu supported by nuttiness from the wild rye grass

Beef of Origin

The intensity of flavour is without doubt wild Cape grass driven with just a hint of Fynbos. However the most impressive part of the flavour experience is the exceptional length of flavour, staying present on the palate for a very long time. There is no overpowering directness to the meat.

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Natur Beef Advertorial by Jos Baker, freelance journalist

"What do you get when a wine connoisseur goes into cattle breeding? Gently reared cows, cosseted for toothfully tender meat of flavour and fineness, with a bull in the herd ensuring contentment. Plus a unique taste of natural, un-irrigated veld, redolent of wild rye and oats. Other naturally-occurring grasses, reeds and fynbos to provide a good fat percentage, but seldom too much as the cattle are not confined to a kraal, but roam freely over the veld."
-Jos Baker
Food lover and freelance journalist

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Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal, Cape Town, Western Cape, S-8001, South Africa

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Free Range

Free range on natural Cape grasses and fynbos. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or kraal feed. Packed full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils.


Contact: Mark Anderson

Phone: 066 446 2455