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In a recent Sorbonne study 1,340 first incident cancer cases were identified during the study's follow-up on 70000 people period of 7 years up to 2016. The most common was 459 breast cancers, followed by 180 prostate cancers, 135 skin cancers, 99 colorectal cancers, 47 non-Hodgkin lymphomas, and 15 other lymphomas.High organic food scores were inversely associated with the overall risk of cancer being 25 percent less for those of the top quartile compared to the bottom. Overall, organic eaters were 25 percent less likely to develop any cancer, and their risks of skin and breast cancers dropped by a third. The cancers linked to pesticides were was mostly postmenopausal breast cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and all lymphomas. The study found

Pesticide-free organic food lowers your blood cancer risk by 86% - and slashes breast and skin cancer risk by more than a third.

EAT Organic for your health! Our Natur Beef grazes on our specific natural and wild grasses on our unique patch of high clay terroir - no pesticides are used at all on our farm at Kalbaskraal near Cape Town.


Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal, Cape Town, Western Cape, S-8001, South Africa

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Free Range

Free range on natural Cape grasses and fynbos. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or kraal feed. Packed full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils.


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