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We've crossed Wagyu for marbling and Angus for the best delicious Beef

Nice piece on Food 24 today by Tessa Purdon on Wagyu Marbling. - "Marbling refers to the small flecks of fat that can be found in between the muscle tissue. And it's not just any fat. This special fat (and yes, I'm going to call it special because it really is), has a low melting point - between 18°C and 20°C. Which means that the fat literally melts into the meat, producing a buttery flavour that's rich and juicy while having a silky tender texture.

And it's this sensation - of the meat melting in your mouth, that really makes wagyu beef a magical and moreish eating experience. The ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fat in wagyu is higher than in other beef, so it's also slightly more healthy as it offers high concentrations of essential fatty acids and has a higher percentage of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol when compared to other types of beef."

At Natur Beef at Kalbaskraal we are aiming for more complex beef flavours than 100% Wagyu, with our Angus/Wagyu crossbreed cattle running uniquely on natural and wild Cape Grasses of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Like Cabernet needs Merlot and Petit Verdot for complexity ( none of the Bordeaux First and Second Growth great wines are single varietal) we get complexity, roundness, and very long delicate flavours from the Wagyu, which is our Petit Verdot and Merlot, and this is complemented by the depth and weight of the Angus, which is our "Cabernet" base on which we build the base flavour.

The terroir is provided by our unique high clay soil that is nearly all on slight slopes.... a tiny rare patch of rich heavy soil that Cape grasses flourish on .... and its this that gives our Natur beef real magic, that and the hint of spiciness of Fynbos. We'll soon have some of this rare beef available ....and will tell where to get it soon!


Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal, Cape Town, Western Cape, S-8001, South Africa

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Free range on natural Cape grasses and fynbos. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or kraal feed. Packed full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils.


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