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Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal

The perfumed and sexy Natur beef - packed full of iron and zinc - is developed from grazing the rare natural and wild grasses of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, famed UK nutritionist, notes that zinc is the most important mineral for keeping men's testosterone levels up, and keeping sperm healthy, as well as saving from hair loss. And Beef is one of the very, very best sources of zinc (even better are, unsurprisingly, oysters!). Dr Derbyshire says 8 Oz of Beef a day is the minimum amount to provide the 9,5mg of zinc needed for men from 19 - 64 to keep up their healthy sex drive.

And natural Beef - Natur's Wagyu / Angus cattle - that run on the rare natural and wild grasses of the Cape Floral Kingdom - with absolutely no pastures and no irrigation - is the prescription for a happy and testosterone filled life!


Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal, Cape Town, Western Cape, S-8001, South Africa

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Free Range

Free range on natural Cape grasses and fynbos. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or kraal feed. Packed full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils.


Contact: Mark Anderson

Phone: (062) 919-8580