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We've crossed Wagyu for marbling and Angus for the best delicious Beef

Nice piece on Food 24 today by Tessa Purdon on Wagyu Marbling. - "Marbling refers to the small flecks of fat that can be found in between the muscle tissue. And it's not just any fat. This special fat (and yes, I'm going to call it special because it really is), has a low melting point - between 18°C and 20°C.

The perfumed and sexy Natur beef - packed full of iron and zinc - is developed from grazing the rare natural and wild grasses of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, famed UK nutritionist, notes that zinc is the most important mineral for keeping men's testosterone levels up, and keeping sperm healthy, as well as saving from hair loss.

Intensive holistic rotational grazing where beef herds graze quickly eating mostly plant tops where super food energy is, is taking the world by storm. With this high density grazing much of the plant is trodden onto the ground, where it provides cover, soil nutrients and protects the soil from sun and erosion, tramping in seed, and enabling massive nematode production.

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Natur Beef, Kalbaskraal, Cape Town, Western Cape, S-8001, South Africa

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Free Range

Free range on natural Cape grasses and fynbos. No antibiotics, growth hormones, or kraal feed. Packed full of Omega and polyunsaturated oils.


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